Once upon a Time...

Started as a Hobby Project

Started as a Hobby Project

The software developer in Hamburg began back in 2003. At the beginning of that year, the brothers Eike and Hendrik Klindworth began creating the browser game Tribal Wars together with Michael Zillmer. They were motivated by the idea of making a game that they themselves would enjoy playing and that would offer a fun gaming experience for a long time.

What was originally intended as just a hobby project grew much more quickly than expected. After the game was officially launched in June 2003, the number of players increased to several thousand by early 2004, so that a second game world had to be introduced. The game was improved continuously in the meantime and by fall 2005, the number of players had expanded to about 50,000.

From Hobby to Profession

InnoGames Team 2008

Because the growth continued at a fast pace, the three company founders decided to work full-time on the development and operation of browser games in 2005. By the end of that year, they published a new version that offered drastic visual improvements. InnoGames was founded in early 2007 to handle the operation and continued development of the game. Since then, the company's growth has continued to accelerate, and with about 150 million registered players, InnoGames is now one of the largest operators of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games in the world. Not only has the number of users grown, but so has the company: 350 employees from 30 nations now work full-time in the Hamburg-headquarters. InnoGames also shows great growth potential internationally. In May 2010, the investor group Fidelity Growth Partners Europe (FGPE) joined InnoGames with a minority share. In addition to the financial support, this makes an international partnership network available to InnoGames, which will continue to accelerate the worldwide expansion of the game development house.

In 2012, InnoGames had the most successful start of a browser game worldwide: Forge of Empires. The game reached more than five million users within the first six months and also turned out to be the best start of a game in InnoGames' history.

InnoGames Team 2009

Present and Future

Since 2013, InnoGames puts a lot of effort into the development of mobile apps.

The Forge of Empires iPad and iPhone apps will be followed by an app for Android devices soon. Grepolis and Tribal Wars have already received first apps on Android and iOS.

With Tribal Wars 2, the successor of Tribal Wars and Elvenar, a fantasy city builder, two new exciting titles currently joined the InnoGames portfolio.