Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires, the strategy game online for free

Create your own city with Forge of Empires and accompany it throughout the centuries. Enlarge your sphere of influence - with a powerful army and the right tactics, you will subjugate your enemies and forge a vast empire.

Tribal Wars 2

The legacy of Tribal Wars continues. Starting out with a small village, you have to build up both castle and army. Lead your soldiers to glory, conquer the territories of your enemies and expand your kingdom!


The online fantasy game Elvenar

Take care of the construction of your village and guide elves or humans through the dazzling realms of this new fantasy game filled with many secrets, mysterious monsters, and rich resources. Will you become a force to be reckoned with in this city building game?

Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars, the online realtime strategy game

Rule your own medieval village in the classic free browser game Tribal Wars. Construct and expand more than 15 kinds of buildings, such as an academy or a hiding place. Once your village gets larger, stronger and better units are created, it becomes time to conquer other villages...


Grepolis, the free mmo strategy game

Create Greece just the way you want it with the free browser game Grepolis. Forge powerful alliances with other players and draw on the powers of the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, Hades and Artemis. Build unique World Wonders to become ruler over the world of Grepolis!

The West

The West, the free online Cowboy RPG

Play the free browser game The West and create your own avatar to follow in the footsteps of famous heroes of the wild frontier, like Billy the Kid and Buffalo Bill. Choose between the character classes of dueler, worker, soldier and adventurer, and complete exciting quests. Challenge other players to duels, build a town, and take part in strategic fort battles!