With our in-house partner program, advertising our games is uncomplicated, quick and free. The registration is fast and easy - and you are awarded with additional income.

Become a Mediapartner

We are continuing to grow in leaps and bounds: each second, InnoGames acquires a new player. By linking our games to your portal, you have the opportunity to benefit fast and threefold.

With InnoGames, you give your portal’s content a new dynamic. All of our games are distinguished by their rapid game entry and high user involvement. Our experience in integrating our games into various portals makes the process very simple and the time and effort required from you is extremely minimal. InnoGames takes care of all administrative needs: our community management team takes care of the players, we will regularly update the games, and the games themselves are run from our servers.

For you, this is a convenient proposal that is easy to take advantage of, and will quickly pay dividends financially via our "Freemium Model". As a media partner, you can either profit via CPL (pay per Lead)  or by a revenue share from the sales of our virtual goods.

Our games occupy users, not just for a few hours periodically, but often for months or even years. Because of this, InnoGames games are particularly well suited for developing an enduring, active and loyal community on your portal.

Are you interested in working together? Then contact us now or register at our partner program.