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InnoGames Reaches Revenue of More than 80 Million Euros

InnoGames looks back on a successful 2014 – The German company will increase its overall revenue to over 80 million Euros. A big part of the new record turnover is due to the mobile games market, where InnoGames grew more...

InnoGames Starts Developing with Unreal Engine

InnoGames continues their mobile offensive with a strong development partnership. The Hamburg-based company announced a contractual agreement with Epic Games for licensing its Unreal 4 engine. InnoGames will develop a roleplaying...

Harmony or Progress - Choose your Side! Elvenar Unveils Gameplay Details

InnoGames releases first look on the game’s playable races, Humans and Elves

Jingle All the Way! InnoGames TV Kicks off the Winter with a New Episode

InnoGames invites players to celebrate the winter season with the release of the December episode of InnoGames TV today. The latest installment of the monthly series informs viewers of the latest news on the company’s games, app...

Conquer the World on Android: Tribal Wars 2 launches New App

Today, online games developer InnoGames launched the android-version of its cross-platform strategy game Tribal Wars 2. The app can be downloaded for free via the Google Play store and supports over 5000 devices, including new...

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