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InnoGames Opens Additional Development Studio in Dusseldorf

Today, online games publisher InnoGames officially opened its new development studio in Dusseldorf, Germany. Currently 20 people are working there to develop a mobile game based on Unity, which is supposed to go live in 2016. The...

The Dawn of Tomorrow: Forge of Empires Introduces New Era

The German developer InnoGames, has just introduced a new period to its strategic online game Forge of Empires: The Tomorrow Era. The new age will be available on all language versions, from April 21 on and is already...

Girls´ Day at InnoGames

InnoGames is taking part in the "Girls´ Day", a German career event for young women on April 23. For more info please check the attached press release (in German).

Tribal Wars 2: New Second Village Feature Speeds up Game Start

InnoGames just implemented a new feature into its online strategy game Tribal Wars 2, which significantly speeds up the game progress in the beginning. From now on, players will be able to get a second village by fulfilling...

Another Look at Elvenar: Gameplay-Trailer Released

Today, InnoGames released the official gameplay-trailer to its fantasy strategy game Elvenar. The spot displays the main elements of the city-building MMO and gives an outlook on late-game elven and human cities. The game has...

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